3 Reasons to Choose Mobile Euthanasia in Scottsdale


As a pet parent, you want what’s best for your beloved companion. Sadly, that sometimes means making the choice to put an end to their suffering. When a dog or cat is unable to enjoy a decent quality of life due to old age, terminal illness, or a serious injury, having them put to sleep is often the kindest option. 

Making the decision to have your pet put to sleep is incredibly difficult. Even when it’s the right choice, it is emotionally painful. At Pet Home Euthanasia, we understand how hard this situation is and are here to help. Dr. Morrison provides mobile euthanasia in Scottsdale and will come to your home to perform this humane, compassionate service. 

Reasons to Choose Mobile Euthanasia

We help pet parents decide what is ultimately best for their beloved companion. We will conduct a thorough exam and discuss our findings with you. While we will not pressure you, we will make recommendations regarding whether we think euthanasia is the best option. 

Having a pet put to sleep is a personal decision, but there are a few reasons why many animal lovers choose Dr. Morrison of Pet Home Euthanasia for mobile euthanasia in Scottsdale. In-home euthanasia offers much-needed comfort during a difficult time. You don’t have to worry about loading a heavy dog in your car, traveling across town and risking being involved in an accident while you’re in an emotional state, or hurting yourself or your beloved pet. Because we come to you, your pet won’t have to face the stress of being in an unfamiliar environment or being surrounded by new smells and sounds. 

Choosing Dr. Morrison for in-home euthanasia also means that time won’t be a factor. She will give you as much time as you need to privately say your goodbyes and share your beloved companion’s final moments with them. You will never feel rushed or like you didn’t have time to say everything you needed to say. 

Lastly, keep in mind that the price of mobile euthanasia is often similar to - or even less than - that of traditional euthanasia services. In many cases, you can experience all of the benefits of in-home euthanasia without significantly increasing the cost of the service. 

Mobile Euthanasia in Scottsdale


Saying goodbye to a beloved companion is never easy, but remember that their memories will live on in your heart forever. If you believe that the time has come to help your pet pass on with grace and dignity, please contact us today to learn more about mobile euthanasia in Scottsdale


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