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Cat Home Euthanasia in Phoenix


Cats are often thought of as stoic creatures, sometimes even influencing their owners to be a little more feline in nature. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t loved fiercely throughout the years they spend by your side. Part of that love, though, often involves knowing when it’s time to say goodbye. Though it’s never an easy decision to have to make, illness, old age and a variety of other factors may lead you to searching for cat home euthanasia options in Phoenix.


Age and Disease

Your beloved cat may have picked up some devastating diseases as they’ve grown older. Many suffer from kidney disease, with symptoms such as a dry coat, loss in weight and appetite, smelly breath and more trips to the litter box or the bowl of water. Other kitties are unfortunately suffering from diseases they acquired previously, like feline immunodeficiency virus. Many conditions can be managed and treated for years and years before the owner ever has to consider their pet’s end of life. Unfortunately, the time does eventually come, and it’s important to know what your options are for cat home euthanasia here in Phoenix.


Making It What You Need

You’ve likely seen those ‘dog’s last day’ articles or news stories where the owner visits their pup’s favorite spots and feeds them a cheeseburger. With cats, you can absolutely have meaningful final days or hours together, circumstances permitting. Sure, you likely won’t be taking them to the beach or on a walk around the neighborhood, but after years of living together you probably know your cat’s habits better than your own. Cats are smart creatures, and they’ve been known to enjoy playing tablet games (involving mice, of course). Others love to sit in a lap and just exist next to their human. Once the time comes, you can make the euthanasia process personal, too. Set your kitty up in front of a warm spot they love, make sure they have the blanket they always laid on, and surround them with the people and items that they love.


If you have any questions about cat home euthanasia in Phoenix, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Morrison at Pet Home Euthanasia.



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