We love you to bits

Thank you. We love you to bits. We miss Sedona, but happy she is enjoying her time in painless time in the rainbow bridge.

Lynn Steele

Thank you so much for helping our family

Thank you so much for helping our family with a tough decision. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't waited so long. Blessings to you Dr. Morrison.

Cass Conway

I went with your referral of Dr Morrison

Thank you for replying Christina. I went with your referral of Dr Morrison. She came out Friday evening and helped us with transitioning Braxton. She was great with us and with him. Thank you again.


Thank you for coming out yesterday

Dr. Morrison, I just wanted to take another moment to thank you for coming out yesterday and performing that disagreeable, but necessary service for my dog, Kiba. My main concern was that she did not suffer and I am gratified that you clearly did not cause her any suffering and that her passing was as peaceful and painless as possible. Thank you. I imagine that you see a lot of dogs at the end of their lives, frail and unwell instead of young and vibrant. I put together 3 or 4 minutes of video of Kiba for my family and friends for when she was a puppy and when she was about 1-year old. I thought, perhaps, you might like to see her when she was young instead of as you did. The video can be seen here: http:// vimeo.com/13062180 Thank you again.

Eugene Glover

I didn’t ever want her to be afraid or be uncomfortable in any way

Hi Dr M, I just want to thank you so much for all your concern and love for Oz today. You made a really difficult decision a bit easier to cope with. I feel like it was the right decision for me to make for Oz. I always worried about her – I didn’t ever want her to be afraid or be uncomfortable in any way. She was the best dog I’ve ever had!! I will be lost without her – she’s been such a dear companion since my sweet husband died, however, I do know that the two of them will be hiking and running every day!! Please thank C. for me as well. I so appreciate everything the two of you did today, especially the sweet viewing of her on the satin bed with the stuffed animals. I had no idea that you were doing that….. what a sweet, sweet remembrance that will be. She looked so peaceful and it was really good for my little granddaughters to see her that way and get to kiss her goodbye. I cannot thank you enough.

Diana Rix

I am attaching something I wrote

ou asked me to let you know how Jack and I are doing … we’re doing. We miss our little girl so much. I printed off some more pictures and now she is in every room so we can see her at all times. It will get easier but there are times when it is so difficult and times we still expect to see her in her bed, on the couch, etc. I am attaching something I wrote, thought you might enjoy it: We lost our special friend Sickness took her love from us. We know we’ll never understand Why she had to leave. From the time our eyes first met A bond began to grow. Love and devotion strengthened From day one to the end. It seems like such a short time We had to spend together, Yet what she gave to us We will cherish for all time. She filled a space inside us No other could satisfy, A selfless giving bering Who only wanted to please. All we shared can’t be replaced Yet the memories we’ll hold dear. A part of us will always grieve Our special friend … our dog. Thanks for making such a horrible time so personal and loving for both Molly and I.

Betty (Elizabeth) Holmes