We both thank you for being a loving part of her transition

Hello Dr. Morrison, I have attached two pictures of Pumpkin so you may see her as the vibrant little person that she was. We miss her presence with us, however as difficult as it is, we know that we gave her our last gift of love by allowing her soul to be released from her sick body. Our loving God gave her to us to love for “awhile”, and now she went back to Him. We both thank you for being a loving part of her transition by allowing her to remain in her own home, under her beloved Christmas tree, and in her own bed. David and I were also comforted by your gift of caring, not only for her, but also for us. Thank you Dr. Morrison for being you. You have a gift from God, and I am thankful that you were placed in our path for our dear little girl. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Ann Brock

Thank you SO much for making transition painless, calm and loving.

Tomorrow is the ” date” (one month) of Bubba’s passing, although Thursday was exactly four weeks he has been gone. And I miss him and talk to him as if he is still here. Michelle, thank you SO much for making Bubba’s transition painless, calm and loving. God was with me when I found you to help me with making my best friends’ last breath be peaceful and loving. As the days go on, I am remembering when he was happy and healthy, unlike the last few months when I could tell he wasn’t feeling so great. Now that the realization that Bubba is no longer here on earth, I am comforted knowing he is with God, and that you were the portal, that helped him pass so gracefully.


Thank you for your services

Dr. Morrison, I just want to thank you for your services at such a time of need last month with Pepper. I can’t believe it’s already been over a month now! The house is much quieter without him around. I miss him terribly but I know it was his time and we helped to end his pain. Thank you for your caring and compassion.

Samantha and Jeff Karr

She passed over in quite a peaceful state in my arms

SADIE’S DAY! She passed over in quite a peaceful state in my arms. She gave such love and life lessons that many people have learned along the way. She is guiding us as we speak in many ways. Her earthly body was giving out with one problem then the next. I chose not to put her through anymore testing, dental work, medicine shoved down her throat. She and I decided to let her cross over. Coincidentally, the usual vet office computers were not working. Coincidentally, the hospital I called does not do euthanasia, but has a number of one that comes to the home. She happens to be on maternity leave and refers me to Dr. Michelle Morrison, DMV a holistic vet. We talk on the phone and she can tell by the phone call that it needs done today and I can tell on the phone she would care how the process took place. Dr. Michelle calls me back to explain the process and price. We agree with a time for her to come in the afternoon. Linda, my dear friend, asked me earlier if she could be with me when I drive to vet, so I call her. I did not have anyone else at the time to be here. She agreed to come at 2 pm. Laura called me back and also agreed to be here at about 2 pm. Nettie called a bit later and also agreed to be here. The four of us gathered, after I did some solitaire ceremony, and gave Sadie loving vibrations and peaceful transitions. When Dr. Michelle arrived Sadie was a bit anxious and wondering what was going on, but loving the love vibs. Dr. Michelle was asking medical (physical) questions. She did some preliminary exam stuff. She spent a good portion of an hour just talking about Sadie’s symptoms. She had some conclusions that Sadie had some neurological issues going on. Her ear tilt & her lopsided gate were why she came to that conclusion. As the rain comes to cleanse the earth we gathered. Laura did some vibration frequencies with the Solfeggio tuning forks and explained them as she proceeded. Sadie relaxed completely. Nettie said her goodbyes & Linda bid me blessings. Laura was letting the Solfeggio forks do what they wanted to do. When the time for Sadie came, we brought her back to the Arizona Room where we spent many hours. Sadie & I got comfortable, she in my arms as I lay by her back, as I have done many, many times. Laura was tinkling the forks as Dr. Michelle was explaining the process she would be doing. It came the time we asked Laura if she wanted to stay. She was apprehensive about the process but would stay for me if I needed. I told her she was free to go if she chose to do that. She did choose that and I was ok with being with Dr. Michelle and Sadie. It gave me time to be with Sadie before, during, and after the process as me, not concerned about others. After some time with Sadie, I granted Dr. Michelle the time to put the morphine and apromapine into her system for her rest. We talked about Sadie and the time she had with Gary and I, about the transition experience, about life in general. I spoke to Sadie as I wanted to, as she was in her peaceful state. She was resting as she loved to do. As I said it was ok for Dr. Michelle to administer the final injection, I knew it was time. The final injection was given as Sadie did not stir, but accepted it with her full heart. She was ready to leave this body and guide us from above. I felt a vibration flow through me as our foreheads touched. She had gone from this life to the next.


Thank you for the amount of time, caring, and compassion you gave Danny

Dear Dr. Morrison, I just wanted to thank you for the amount of time, caring, and compassion you gave Danny and our family during his passing. The way you helped all of us through it – including Susie – was incredible. Thank you for being there each step of the way and for guiding us through the process. And thank you for the amount of reverence you showed Danny. It felt very special to see him in the final viewing in your car. You were truly a God send in our time of need, and we could not have asked for a better experience. You are a very special person. Thank you for doing what you do.


We appreciate everything you did

Hi Dr Morrison. This is Ralph and Lupe calling at 5:15 Friday afternoon. Again we want to say we appreciate everything you did. And you were very professional, also. I will probably still cry for a few days but that how it is because he was my buddy. You take care we look forward to seeing you in future, ok? Have a great weekend and thats all. My wife said we will start doing (other) services with you and I think that’s commendable on her part and my part because I agreed with her. So you take care, have a great weekend and You be safe out there. Thank you.