Services & Fees

In Home Pet Euthanasia

I try my best to make myself available 24/7 to take care of your pet euthanasia at home and in home pet hospice needs. My philosophy is to try and serve everyone at anytime at any distance. This means traveling to all areas in Metro Phoenix.

Some pets may need to be seen outside normal business hours. An additional fee may apply for Emergency/Same Day Service, Night Service after 4pm, farther driving distance, Weekends & Holidays and for dogs weighing more than 80 pounds. Dr. Morrison will be able to let you know which fees might apply in your initial call.

Our pricing is considered to be fair and even lower cost than other mobile veterinarians, regular veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals.


Simple Cremation

The ashes or cremated remains will NOT be returned to you.
For most clients, they know immediately how they feel and they make their decision quickly. Some clients ask me to wait a few days after the tough day of euthanasia and have time to think over what they really want.
As this can be a point of confusion for some, I would like to be there for you to answer these questions. We should discuss these together over the phone or in person when you are ready.


Individual Cremation

Your pet cremated with other animals, however they are separated by themselves in between steel walls, GUARANTEED.

Private Cremation


Your pet will be cremated completely by themselves.

Euthanasia Only


Your pet’s body with remain with you for aftercare.

Hospice Examination Appointment

Many clients inquire if I may come to the home to determine if it is time for their pet to be euthanized. This service is provided to help ease clients mind and to not have to make the decision alone. Once we meet and evaluate the pets condition, a treatment plan will be devised and recommendations will be made using traditional or holistic medications. When the time has come, we then together will discuss when it is time for the in home euthanasia.


Phone Consultation

Fee if consult is more than 10 minutes

The decision to say goodbye to your pet can be one of the most difficult of your life.

Last Loving Moments
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