Thank God for this woman. Dr. MiMi

I wanted to let everyone know that we had to let go of our wonderful guy Atticus yesterday. It was one of the hardest things ever, but he let us know very clearly that it was time. I got Attie from the Mesa Humane Society in 1999. At the time, I was told he was around 5 years old. When I got him, I was grieving from the loss of another dog that I had for several years. My brother told me this poor little dog in Mesa had worms, a broken paw and all kinds of different ailments. He said that he was sure he wouldnʼt make it if I didnʼt go get him right away. I went and picked him up that day. His paw was wrapped up not because it was broken, but because he had been chewing on it. I took him to the vet and he had zero health problems! He just needed for someone to love him. I have always been thankful for that little “scam.” Atticus helped me through a very difficult loss, and I fell madly in love with him. We had a good long time together, and even though this is very painful, I would not trade my time with him for anything. Without going into too many sad details, I will tell you that when I woke up yesterday morning, there was not a doubt in my mind that I had to get him some help immediately. Marsha takes the bus to work, so she did not have a car. Her co-worker was kind enough to offer her car, and she was home with us within an hour. I was able to reach a Veterinarian who was kind enough to cancel her non-emergency appointments so that she could get to our home fast and help us. Within two hours, she was here, and she gave Atticus a shot, which immediately relaxed him and took away his pain. She waited with us for a very long time while we talked to him and loved on him. When we were ready, she peacefully and lovingly helped him make his transition. Thank God for this woman. Dr. MiMi spent well over two hours with us, and we are so grateful for her kindness. I have attached two Photos that give me great comfort. The picture with the rose shows the last memory that Dr. MiMi was kind enough to provide for us – Atticus comfortable and relaxed. The other is a snapshot from a video that Marsha took just two short week ago. It looks like Atticus is heading for the light!


Thank you with all my heart

I made the decision last week to let my sweet Lucky go to Rainbow Bridge and I was heart broken. Lucky was a big dog and there was no way I was going to upset him by trying to put him in my car to put him to rest. I called Dr. Morrison and she was at my house within a few hours. The minute she arrived I knew I was in good hands so I was able to relax a little. My beloved Lucky was able to quietly pass away on his blanket in his favorite corner of the living room. Thank you Michelle, you made an impossible day a positive experience for not only Lucky, but for me as well.

Nancy Trevett

My heart my love my Prince

My handsome boy Prince was so very sick and me and my family knew it was time. It was a very hard decision to make. He was with us for almost ten years. We loved him so much he was not a dog he was part of are family. We wanted him to rest at home with people that loved him so. We called Dr. Morrison and she came out right away to help us . She was so sweet and kind first thing she did was hug me that showed she cared. She went step by step telling us everything she was going to do. We got to tell him bye and she let us take are time and ever family member got to do so. Then at the end she made him look so handsome like the Prince he was and got to say goodbye again and she didn’t rush us. You are an amazing women and are family thanks you so much from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you. Mommy loves you Prince.


So grateful for Dr. Mimi’s compassionate guidance and understanding

I am so grateful for Dr. Mimi’s compassionate guidance and understanding through the end of life decision making for my precious cats. I was referred to Dr. Mimi through my daughter who spoke so highly of her. My daughter had to sadly say goodbye to her precious dog Roxy, and Dr. Mimi was able to assist her in the most loving and caring manner possible. She is a true Angel and we are filled with gratitude for her gentle spirit, knowledge and human kindness as well! Thank you


Provided our beautiful, senior shepherd, Bogie, with the most loving, peaceful passage.

Today, my sweet prince, Bogie, was peacefully euthanized at home surrounded by his family. After agonizing over the decision I knew I had to make, I found Dr. Morrison. I had looked at several in-home services but I kept coming back to Dr. Morrison. She came to our home and provided our beautiful, senior shepherd, Bogie, with the most loving, peaceful passage. We too are at peace thanks to the sensitivity and care of Dr. Morrison.


Thank you again for taking such good care of Zoey

Dr. Morrison, Chris and I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Zoey. You made this awful experience, not only tolerable but very special, and we feel so blessed to have been able to say good-bye to her and send her off in the privacy of our home. I wish you all the best…And please know how very grateful we are.