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Helping Phoenix Pet Owners Decide When It’s Time to Euthanize


There are many things in life you know to be true. You know that french fries are always better dipped in a milkshake. You know that an Arizona sunset is the best around. And you know that your dog Puck is the sweetest pup in the whole world. But when it comes to knowing when it’s time to look for a veterinarian in Phoenix to discuss the decision to euthanize your beloved Puck, things get really tough. While we could sit here and go over the many symptoms of a decline in health, at the end of the day much of this decision is emotional and not logical. Here are a few of the ways pet owners tend to find themselves finally coming to terms with saying goodbye.

Knowing a Pet Is Suffering

First time pet owners often have a very difficult time with this decision, and that’s okay! It’s easy to feel like you’re making a mistake with something so important, and it takes a little bit of experience to realize that there’s no wrong decision. While a vet can tell you that your dog or cat is suffering, it may take seeing their pain manifesting for you to fully understand. Seizures are a fairly common symptom for a variety of end-stage diseases in pets, and they’re very visible to owners. After seeing your beloved companion experience one of them, you’ll likely know that it’s time.

Senior dog on a couch
Some pet owners feel their pets "told them" it was time

A Leap of Faith

This is where finding a veterinarian in Phoenix that you trust to help with the decision to euthanize becomes so important. Sometimes, you just need to feel that you’re not doing this alone.

After a “Perfect Day”

This one can be a little tough, especially if they’re your first pet. The impulse to continue on having more “perfect days” may be strong, particularly if an animal still has occasional pain-free periods. It’s okay to plan a euthanasia for a time when your pet is feeling happy instead of waiting until they’re scared and in pain. This decision should never come with guilt attached to it (easier said than done, yes). 

If you have any questions about deciding if the time is right to euthanize a beloved pet, please feel free to reach out to our mobile veterinary service in the Phoenix area, Pet Home Euthanasia.


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